Tuesday, September 13, 2011


James Dinsmore

Fleeting shades of consciousness
Days and dreams
That merge and pass.
A moment of awareness that cannot last,
As motion flows too fast.

An illusion of progress in space and time,
Memories that glow as though defying
The futility of calling the moment mine.
They echo and glimmer in my mind
As I blow them out by my own sighing.

Events and days become opaque
Perception's dulled by the music that grates,
On the minds and moods that numbly swing,
As though I lost the words I sing;
I hold to the illusion of being here
And hope that all will reappear.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Chemistry of My Mind

The Chemistry of My Mind
James Dinsmore

My words are like an acid,
But I feel no pain;
They cut through nerveless motives,
The gesture brings no gain.

My dreams are like an enzyme,
Though they fail to synthesize;
They saw a better way,
That time could not materialize.

My memories are like a dye,
That can't change the color of what they're in;
Because today dilutes it,
And my supply of it is gone.

My insecurities are like a crystal,
Obscured by mounting layers;
They are occasionally exposed by a fracture,
That I fill in with poetry and prayers.

My mind is like a compound,
Which no scientist can break;
My identity is deeper than the elements,
A man I can't relate.

Futile Pace

Futile Pace
James Dinsmore

When the alarm rings
I join the race,
I jump out of bed
And wash my face.

My heart is pounding
In senseless haste;
The rush is on,
I curse the pace.

So few hours
Between each day;
So much pressure,
So little pay.

Tearing me down
To buy repair;
Earning a dream
To cover despair.

Running in circles
To make ends meet;
When I bite my own tail,
Is it not defeat?

City Girl

City Girl
James Dinsmore

Hey you,
Single girl in the city;
Painted like a clown
You look so pretty.
Styled hair and big red lips,
But why 'ya still
Picking up your own tips?

Hey you!
Dressed to kill,
With an emotionless face
And eyes that can't feel;
Why 'ya act so uptight,
Do you think I'm fool enough
to rob you in broad daylight?

Hey you!
Hitting a bar,
Sitting alone in your red sports car;
Smile at the guy---go ahead,
But he don't want you
If you ain’t in bed.

Is it you
With your vallium,
Getting away from your old
Your hands are cold,
Your eyes are glass,
You can't get involved,
You gotta move fast.

Hey girl,
How 'ya so strong?
How do you manage to carry on?
You can't take sympathy
You're too cool,
In this melting world
Who’s the fool?

Hey you,
City girl,
Are you dizzy yet
From this old world?
Haven't you learned that you can't win
Against the double standards and insanity were in?
Play it cool,
stay on top;
Until you don't even know
If its you or not.

The Timepiece

The Timepiece
James Dinsmore

Tick-tock goes the clock,
A moment you can't regain;
Time laughs at our demise,
As slavery's wound up again.

Wind-wind, the duty's done,
Now submit to the will of the timepiece;
Let its hands force you forward,
There's no chance for your release.

Gong-gong, the dirge is sung,
As time mourns at your death;
All are incapable of fighting the hypocrite
Who measures each man's breath.

more misc

More misc

Tomorrow's so nebulous,
I can't perceive;
Today's so precarious,
I can't believe.

Someone stop the stifled moaning,
We don't want to see who's groaning;
We hide our eyes from those who cry,
Might it be both you and I?

Oh Love

Oh Love
James Dinsmore

Oh Love
The agony,
Of waiting for
What should be;
Oh just for you
To be with me.
Oh my love,
The agony.

Oh love,
The pain I feel,
Waiting for the day until
You'll be with me.
My heart beats ill,
Each day's not real,
Oh my love,
The pain I feel.

Oh Vivian
The days I wait,
Each moment is
A measured weight.
I try to fight
But I can't shake,
The desolate feeling
As I wait.

Oh dearest love
The woman I need,
To help me live
And strive to succeed;
You're desperately needed
Because I'm not freed
From my insecurities,
Oh love, I need.

Working Dog

Working Dog
James Dinsmore

So hard,
So long;
I strive to survive,
I strive to be strong.

So high,
So far,
I plan to move up,
I hope to go far.

So low at the bottom
I sacrifice rest;
I live like a dog
And scheme for success.

I must prove myself,
And take a penny for pride;
I kiss the man's feet,
While I hate him inside.

I strive to survive,
I strive to be strong;
It's so hard,
So long.


James Dinsmore

Truth is the key, the only way to eternity.
It is seen in the eyes of men,
Who've made success, once and again.
Truth is from Heaven above;
God came down in the form of a dove.
Happiness from truth comes;
Truth is the key!