Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh Love

Oh Love
James Dinsmore

Oh Love
The agony,
Of waiting for
What should be;
Oh just for you
To be with me.
Oh my love,
The agony.

Oh love,
The pain I feel,
Waiting for the day until
You'll be with me.
My heart beats ill,
Each day's not real,
Oh my love,
The pain I feel.

Oh Vivian
The days I wait,
Each moment is
A measured weight.
I try to fight
But I can't shake,
The desolate feeling
As I wait.

Oh dearest love
The woman I need,
To help me live
And strive to succeed;
You're desperately needed
Because I'm not freed
From my insecurities,
Oh love, I need.

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