Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Chemistry of My Mind

The Chemistry of My Mind
James Dinsmore

My words are like an acid,
But I feel no pain;
They cut through nerveless motives,
The gesture brings no gain.

My dreams are like an enzyme,
Though they fail to synthesize;
They saw a better way,
That time could not materialize.

My memories are like a dye,
That can't change the color of what they're in;
Because today dilutes it,
And my supply of it is gone.

My insecurities are like a crystal,
Obscured by mounting layers;
They are occasionally exposed by a fracture,
That I fill in with poetry and prayers.

My mind is like a compound,
Which no scientist can break;
My identity is deeper than the elements,
A man I can't relate.

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