Sunday, August 28, 2011

City Girl

City Girl
James Dinsmore

Hey you,
Single girl in the city;
Painted like a clown
You look so pretty.
Styled hair and big red lips,
But why 'ya still
Picking up your own tips?

Hey you!
Dressed to kill,
With an emotionless face
And eyes that can't feel;
Why 'ya act so uptight,
Do you think I'm fool enough
to rob you in broad daylight?

Hey you!
Hitting a bar,
Sitting alone in your red sports car;
Smile at the guy---go ahead,
But he don't want you
If you ain’t in bed.

Is it you
With your vallium,
Getting away from your old
Your hands are cold,
Your eyes are glass,
You can't get involved,
You gotta move fast.

Hey girl,
How 'ya so strong?
How do you manage to carry on?
You can't take sympathy
You're too cool,
In this melting world
Who’s the fool?

Hey you,
City girl,
Are you dizzy yet
From this old world?
Haven't you learned that you can't win
Against the double standards and insanity were in?
Play it cool,
stay on top;
Until you don't even know
If its you or not.

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